Product Detail
PH6 indoor LED model
Name : PH6 indoor LED model
Model : P6:SMD3528
Size : 192mm*96mm

Product features

1.High quality LED chip and high anti-static electricity capacity.

2.Large viewing angle and smooth displaying provide excellent visual effect from every angle.

3.The integration of lamp and driving IC,together with with the multi-circuit structure,achievs evenly-distributed current,low power consumption and fast heat dissipation.

4.Ultra high brightness,low attenuation,high reliability and weather ability.

5.High contrast ratio.Adopting black lamps can improve the contrast ratio by 50%.

6.High refresh rate,high gray scale,ghost-canceling,low power consumption,low EMI,anti-creeping,multi-route redundancy backup-supporting,and dot-by-dot-calibration.

Application scopes

Widely applied to traffic information distribution of station,quay and qirport,conference,shoppingmall,brand presentantion,TVstation,stageshow,concert and so on.



LED Encapsulation

SMD 3528

Pixel Pitch


Module Resolution(W*H)

32* 32

32* 16

Module Size



Pixel Configuration

1R1G1B(3 in1)

Pixel Density

40000 pixel/㎡

Driving Method

1/16 Scan  / 1/8 Scan                          

Refresh Frequency

≥1920Hz(Supporting high refresh rate and depending on system configuration)

Driving IC

Special constant current IC with high refresh rate and high gray scale

Grey Scale

>14BIT(According to system and IC equipped)

White Balance Brightness



Color Temperature

8000K ± 500(adjustable)

Viewing  Angle

Horizontal  Angle 140°     Vertical  Angle 120°

Optimal Viewing Distance


Working Voltage


Max Power Consumption

 30W/pcs / 20W/pcs(White Balance)    

  12W/pcs / 10W/pcs(White Balance)    

Avg Power Consumption

 15W/pcs / 10W/pcs (Normal Working)    

  7W/pcs / 6W/pcs(Normal Working)    


50000 Hours

Operating Temperature

-10℃ ~50℃